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Excel with Our Secondary School Chinese Tuition Programme at Ruixing


At Ruixing Active Chinese Centre, our aim is to make the challenging leap from primary 6 to secondary class 1 as seamless as possible. With the specifically and carefully curated secondary school Chinese tuition courses from our centre, your child will be able to bridge the gap between the lessons learnt during their Chinese classes in primary school Singapore and secondary school. Not only do we aid them in improving their language skills, but we also help them to enhance their critical thinking and linguistic skills too. 

Our secondary school Chinese tuition courses (1- 4) consist of many benefits, including the analysis of the latest news topics, reading and writing skill practice and much more. With the guidance of our expert instructors and essential study materials selected to align with the current curriculum, our students can flourish at their exams and achieve a good command and understanding of the Chinese language. We also have well-designed exercises and top secondary school Chinese exam papers to help them achieve excellent scores. In addition, we train them to develop other integral skills, such as presentation and analytical skills. This will empower them and build their confidence to express their thoughts and opinions remarkably. 

Our secondary school, Chinese tuition class, has helped many of our students over the years, so we understand what is required to enable them to achieve all their goals. With our support and guidance, getting through secondary school, Chinese tuition class Chinese language ‘O’ (GCE ordinary level) levels won’t seem such an arduous and daunting task. We ensure that the lessons are engaging and check every student's progress to recognise their strengths and weaknesses 

Don’t waste your money and your child’s valuable time with mediocre secondary Chinese tuition centres. Leave your child’s future in the hands of our experts at Ruixing Active Chinese Centre. No hassle, no stress, only success! 

Our courses are effective and affordable; there are no hidden fees! Come and join us today! Reach out to our team and get more information on our Chinese tuition centre.