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Early childhood education sets the stage for a successful academic path. In order to lay a solid foundation, children need to start learning at an early age. However, young children cannot do this alone. They need expert guidance and support to embark on this journey.

Learning a complex language such as Chinese requires a conducive environment which is both enriching and enjoyable. How else does one capture the attention of a young child who is looking forward to studying preschool Chinese? Having a strong starting point will enable them to move on successfully to the next integral step — primary school Chinese.

Our Kindergarten class (K1-K2) is specifically designed with the guidance of our team of dedicated and passionate teachers who are committed to providing high-quality education for your children. They have been meticulously curated and kept up-to-date in accordance with Singapore's MOE (Ministry of Education) syllabus and standards.

We don’t believe in making them learn by only memorising and repeating it like a parrot. We allow our students the freedom to engage and interact with our tutors and classmates in order for them to learn essential skills such as social-emotional skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and more! 

With this course, our students will be able to learn and understand the Hanyu pinyin syllables and tones, recognise basic Chinese characters, understand over two hundred common Chinese vocabularies and other beneficial habits such as listening comprehension ability and writing skills and more.

As the leading Chinese tuition centre in the country, we have years of experience on our shoulders and are aware of the concerns our students and their parents face. Therefore, we are able to tackle any challenges with ease. Through our experience, we are conscious of how important this phase is for their Chinese education. Due to this, we make sure to always converse in Chinese to enhance their progress. We even host fun trips and involve them in various interactive games and apps to make learning the Chinese language exciting. Conversing in Chinese through such lively and wonderful activities helps the development of their verbal as well as fine motor skills. But most importantly, we ensure they reach their best learning potential. We can guarantee your child’s success!

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Preschool K1-K2
$398.00 - $758