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Have you ever felt like you were feeling left out because you didn’t understand what some of your friends were saying in Chinese? Do you want to be able to have a Chinese conversation with your peers, or do you want to pursue a job in a Chinese-speaking company or country? If all your answers are yes, as the leading Chinese tuition centre in Singapore, we at Ruixing Active Chinese Centre have got you covered. 

While we understand that learning the language can feel overwhelming and intimidating, you have nothing to worry about. You won’t have to stress about where to start and how to make sense of all the different tones and characters in the Chinese language. We are here to guide you and get you to speak Chinese confidently and as soon as possible.


Why Ruixing Active Chinese Centre?


Ruixing Active Chinese Centre is truly an exceptional institute, and we take great pride in helping all our students achieve their highest learning potential. We don’t believe in pushing our students only to memorise tedious phrases or long paragraphs just to pass an exam. While excelling in exams is incredibly important to us, we also focus on creating a fun and immersive learning environment for all our students. We believe this is the only and best way to achieve success and have fun while doing so! We haven’t gone wrong with this mantra, and we swear by it.

We start from scratch and go in-depth with all the necessary components, be it grammar or pronunciation and more! If you feel like you need a slower or even faster pace when learning, don’t worry - we can even tailor your Chinese tuition lessons for you!

Our Chinese tuition centre doesn't overload our students with piles of notes and textbooks. Our study materials are revised frequently by our experts and are kept in accordance with international standards. In this same manner, we also don’t believe in packing our classes with hordes of students. This isn’t an ideal way to study effectively. For this reason, we keep all our Chinese tuition classes small and in manageable sizes, so that every student of ours receives individual attention. This is our recipe for success. Come and experience true progress with us!

Our instructors are highly qualified, professionally trained, and have a lot of experience teaching Chinese. They are committed to helping you become fluent and carry out a Chinese conversation in no time! So why wait? Contact us and get more information about our reputed conversational Chinese course in Singapore. Start this exciting journey with us today! 


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